Best Rooting Apps for Android Phones

Best Root Apps

Rooting Android comes with hundreds of benefits. However, one of the most popular benefits is being able to download thousands of exciting new applications without any issues.

In a normal Android device, applications must go through a rigorous certification process before they appear in the Google Play list and other Android markets. Certain applications are eliminated because they compete with the applications already offered by the hardware manufacturer, while others are eliminated because the hardware manufacturer simply does not like them.

To help you get the most out of your rooted Android device, here are the top 10 root applications currently available for rooted Android device users:

Why Need Post Rooting Management For Your Android Devices?

Android is  most customization mobile OS in the world but most Android devices bring us as locked phones so Android users can’t change or remove or delete the System Applications in the Android Device.However,after rooting Android Device allow to mentioned practices such as deleting,removing and changing system applications easily and safely on your Android device.Rooting is path to access to the core of the Android Device but it is not helped to get so many benefits directly on your Android.So Android users should use some application and tactics to make their goal of expanding battery life,removing Bloatware,adding useful Apps,getting complete Backup and etc.Furthermore,the practices to make huge Android experience after rooting or for rooted Android Device

How Do You Root Your Android Device?

Android is world’s superb platform which offer to make us Awesome experience easily and productively than other OS.

If you wish to Root your Android  Smart Device(Tablet,Phone,Android watch and Android TV) when you should find supported Android Rooting tool initially.

Then,Select and download the  Appropriate Android Root tool.

Fulfill the Basic Requirements to access your Android devices.

Follow the Guidelines about the selected Android Rooting Tool

Run Android Rooting tool to Root your Android Android Device .

Generally Android Rooting differs in little bit with Rooting Tool to Rooting tool as well as device(Read More To Know Complete Guide For Android Rooting).

Anyway,if you need to get big knowledge about Android Rooting when you can contact this link here.

Top Best Root Apps For Android 

In this section, here recommend Top Best 10 Android Root Tools to Rooted Android Smart Devices. If you are ready to customize your Rooted Android Device when you can use the recommended and tested awesome Best Root Apps one by one to make huge  Android experience  productively.

1.Root Browser

Root Browser is an awesome file manager app has most  similar functions as Root Explorer but is available for free.

In order to Root Browser review, we move  you everything you require to know about Root Browser. It has a smooth, simple interface. Open the app to immediately start browsing through every file and folder on your device.

Root Browser works in a similar way to any file manager app.

Open the door to make latest Appearance to your older Android Device.Download the best Android Root Apps to make huge Android Experience easily.

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One of the most magical benefits of Android rooting  is allowed  to block advertisements across all apps and browsers.Another important fact is it can use for both of rooted and non rooted Android devices easily.

AdAway is one of awesome ways to do that. This powerful ad blocker brings with a number of unique advantages.

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3.Quick Boot (Reboot)

Generally,To boot your Android Device need little bit hard process but Quick Boot offer you easily reboot your Android device,to do it, power off your device, or boot your device into recovery or Bootloader mode with just a single tap with this Quick Boot App. It’s a life saver for rooted Android users who need to frequently restart their devices.

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4.Lucky Patcher

Most important fact of the newly purchased Android Devices is removing all the unnecessary system apps(Bloatware) from your home page.Lucky Patchers is System App Remover  helps you instantly remove those apps from more than just the homepage: it wants to help you safely and quickly uninstall all of those annoying system apps you have never use.

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5.SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD

Android 4.4 KitKat disabled the ability to write files to your microSD card because some unknown issues. SDFix help  to fix that problem.

SD Fix app provides an easy fix for MicroSD writing problems easily. It restores the ability that KitKat took away simply by changing a line in one single configuration file.

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DiskDigger is best data recovery apps .If you are  never use until you really need it.

DiskDigger allow  you recover lost which corrupted or accidentally deleted. It can recover lost photos.most data files,Audio and video files from your camera’s internal memory.

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SuperSU is  most popular root Managing App For Rooted Android Devices. It perform a security guard for your  Android Device, proceeding  manage app permissions and ensure apps don’t overstep their boundaries.
SuperSU is a great App to prevent from malicious apps  access to Administrative level on your device.

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8.Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is an awesome best root app created by Titanium Track.It is most user friendly app currently available for rooted Android devices. This App help to get  back up virtually every byte of data on your device, including unique app data, user data, and more.

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Greenify is most productive Battery saving App For Android. Greenify help to boost battery life by an average of sevaral hours simply by intelligently managing how apps run in the background.

This App can use for  both of  rooted and non-rooted devices, Greenify is one of the world’s most popular rooted apps.Actually, It works much better when installed on a rooted device.

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Link2SD App can move data from internal storage to SD card easily. Another important fact is you can do it manually as well as automate your data transferring using this Link2SD App. It means that this App helps to use external SD in the better way.

If you have used Application before when you may know that it contains some bugs, however, they’re not very harmful to your OS, but still, I will suggest going through some reviews before trying it out.

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The Dumpster is simple and pretty Recycle bin for Android. If All the files you accidentally removed when it helps to restore easily. It has not any limitations for files. You are able to restore any file from your Android such as games, music, Videos, PDFs and etc.Dumpster works with rooted as well as on rooted Android Device, but Rooting can make its performance better in terms of speed and restoring.

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Taker is awesome and very popular. It manages all the tasks for your Android via widgets, it can control everything.

Tasker App works with rooted as well as on rooted Android Device, but Rooting can make its performance better.

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13.MAPPT For Android

GIS is the short form of the Geographic Information System which included Gathering, Managing and Analysis of Data. The technology of GIS can help us to make so many big projects easily and productively. However, recently, you can use GIS Technology using Android Devices. If you have a Rooted Android Device when you can use it more easily than non-rooted Android devices. We can be found so many Android supported GIS Apps…Read More. Anyway, why we recommended GIS App for Rooted Android, Android rooting can make high performed Android Devices For this App. Understand, Android Based GIS Apps need High performing Devices to make huge working environment.

Hope you have gotten big knowledge about Best Root Apps. You can get a huge Android experience with mentioned Huge Best Root Apps.

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